Hey Folks!

I just wanted to take a minute to say that I will be dropping regularly scheduled book reviews from by blog.

Truth is I have recently started a new job and blog. Add my flash fics and ongoing creative writing projects and I feel a bit over extended on my reading/reviewing schedule. I’ll still post reviews every now and then, but I’m needing to step back from the previous commitment I made to a schedule.

But don’t worry- the flash fics will still be dropping every Friday… and I know that’s what you are all here for anyway!


I don’t want to live in Germany (an Election Day rant)

If the title didn’t warn you, this post is explicitly political in nature. Turn back now, ye who are easily triggered or trapped in your own echo-chamber.


I don’t want to live in Germany.

Let me repeat that: I DON’T want to live in Germany!

It’s not that I have anything against that country or its people. It’s just that as an American I want to live in America. For the past generation our choice, at least in my opinion, has been between a party that wanted a more European-like system and a party that wanted us to remain America. And I consistently voted for the later.

That changed in May 2016. The expediency and ease with which the GOP has accepted and adopted White Nationalism in the wake of the Trump ascendency is not only embarrassing to me. It is also frightening. I can truthfully say that I no longer recognize the party that I, literally, grew up in.

The choice we have before us today is more like this: do you want to live under a Western Social Democracy or White Nationalist Fascism?

Allow me to pose it another way: do you want to live in post-Cold War Germany or Nazi Germany?

To me, the answer is quite frankly: neither. I want to live in America. But that isn’t on the ballot anymore, and choosing not to vote would still be a choice.

Another question before us today, at least for me personally, is: which decision of the three am I less likely to regret or feel the need to justify to future generations.

So with those questions in mind, I cast my vote today. For the first time in my life, I voted Democrat. I’m not happy about it. I’m not even proud of it, for there are still a myriad of issues that the DNC and I have irreconcilable differences on.

But when the choice was Social Democracy, Ethno-Fascism, or abstain- did I really have another option?

Deeply Troubled

I was at the store today and I was on an aisle a black gentleman, I’d say he was 50ish. When he attempted to leave the aisle, his buggy was hit by another shopper. So he backed into the aisle.

“I’m sorry, go ahead,” he politely said to the unseen shopper.

A white woman of about the same age came into view and stopped at the end of the aisle and glared.

I was behind the man and saw the glare, and here is where the writer in me wants to say what was going through the woman’s mind. I don’t have that power in real life, but I can say it looked like the woman was upset about something more than the grocery cart collision she was at least partially responsible for.

After about 30 seconds of The Glare, the woman walked off. The man continued to stand there, almost as in a haze. So I walked up beside him.

Ugh! White people!” I said, he turned to see me, a six foot tall white man wearing cowboy boots and hat of the same style and he proceeded to laugh out loud.

“Man, I needed that! Thanks!” He said when he finished laughing.

“That was painful for me to see, man. I’m sorry.” I replied.

“Bah! I was born in the sixties, that was nothing.” He said with a smile.

“Wow! I bet you’ve seen some shit!” I said.

“Yeah- yeah I have,” he said in a sober tone.

“I hope I never have to see shit like that.” I said in an equally serious tone.

“Get ready, it’s coming.” He said in a deadpan manner.

I was caught totally off guard by that, so I told the man to have a nice day and walked off. But his words have been haunting me ever since. More than the words, the absolute certainty that the prophecy was spoken in. The man truly believes race relations will deteriorate and degenerate back to what we saw in this country 50 years ago- and that scares the living shit out of me.