Policies, T&Cs, and other stupid, boring semi-legal shit

Copyright and Ownership

Unless otherwise noted, all material, written, imaged or otherwise rendered is the sole property of this website and its owner (AnonymityGone / D.W. Andrews). Any unauthorized reproduction will make me very angry and I will be forced to send legions of Hellions [read: lawyers] to demand recompense from the offending party/ies.


All images appearing on this website (AnonymityGone / D.W. Andrews), drawn or photographed are one of the following-

1: Original to me as the artist / owner

2: In the Public Domain or from another open source that allows for commercial use

3: Used with permission from the artist / owner… in this case it will be clearly noted and the original artist retains full ownership

Review Policy

This website (D.W. Andrews / AnonymityGone) is currently accepting, at my own discretion, ARCs, galleys, and books for review consideration from publicists, authors, agents, etc. If you would like to submit a request for a review you can contact me via my CONTACT page. Before submitting a review request please, keep in mind the following:

1: I only respond to requests that interest me.

2: I will not review books that are not on http://www.GoodReads.com

3: I prefer books in the following genres (however I do not guarantee that I will accept requests for books in these genres): Fantasy, Paranormal, Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Alternative History, Historical Non-Fiction

4: I prefer print copies, however exceptions will be made for exceptional pieces.

5: Please include a short blurb with your request.

6: Any books received will be reviewed. However, as this is a passion project I can not guarantee an exact date of when a review will be posted (the exception being blog tours).

Blog Tours

If you schedule a blog tour with me please note that I require at least 30 days from when I receive the book, either by e-mail or mail, to the scheduled date of review. If I don’t receive the book by at least 30 days before the post is scheduled I will consider the agreed upon date null and void, and I cannot guarantee I will reschedule.

Acquisition and Dispensation of Materials for Review

Unless otherwise stated, it is to be assumed that any books I review are either from the library, loaned or gifted to me by a friend or family member, or books that I have purchased myself.

Occasionally I receive books from authors, publishers, agents, etc. for free in exchange for an honest review. When this happens it will be disclosed in the review itself. Once I have finished reading one of these types of books I will either donate it to my local library, or pass it on to a fellow blogger or friend. I delete the book in the case of E-Books.

Rating Scale

All reviews are completely honest, and are my personal opinions of the book and rated using the following scale:

Five Moons = This book was amazing! Definitely recommend! One of my favorite books!

Four Moons = Definitely enjoyed this book, it was a great read. I recommend.

Three Moons = It was okay, not terrible but not great either. It will do if you have nothing better to read.

Two Moons = I didn’t like the book. I do not recommend.

One Moon = I really, really, really disliked the book. I do not recommend.

That is no Moon! = This book was so bad I wanted to test its flammability, and I couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

Guest Posting

Guests posters receive no material or monetary compensation, and as such retain all rights and liability attached to their posts. I do not alter or reproduce guest post material without explicit written permission.

Privacy Information

Any and all information collected for any reason (giveaways, review requests, etc.), such as e-mails, and addresses are kept completely private. It is never sold or shared with a third-party, unless said party is involved in a giveaway (i.e., the item is being shipped by a publisher or author, etc.) After a month, all information collected is deleted. If it is your preference for any collected information to be deleted before the month is up, simply send a request via e-mail.